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We’re not here to get in your way, take your clients or be a pain. We have one goal and that is to ensure customers sell and sell for as much money as possible.

Movewise listings sell 80% of the time and we’re trying to get that above 90%. If we are listing a property with you it is because we know how active and successful you are. We’ll give you a fair run at the property, we just won’t let the vendor be worked down in price before that is absolutely necessary. Where it is, we’ll help by advising them they need to come down.

Here is a guide for agents as to how we work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients.

"Agent guide" e-book

"Agent guide" e-book

You can download this article in PDF e-book format to read offline.

What you can expect working with Movewise

  • You're good. Our property team will have contacted you as they believe you to be one of the most successful and active agents in your area for the price range of property that our client is looking to sell.
  • Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”). These are signed by the vendor with us in advance of us instructing you. You can see a copy of them here.
  • Vendor does not sign your terms. Our clients do not sign agents’ Terms and Conditions. We will send you a sub-agency agreement which will confirm the fees we have agreed with you for delivering a buyer. You can see an example of our sub-agency agreement here.
  • Photos and floorplans. We will arrange and provide you with professional photos and floorplans and, in the majority of listings, 3D showcase photos to enable virtual viewings. We currently use NicheCom for almost all properties and Focal Agent for northern areas not covered by NicheCom.
  • EPC. We will provide you with an EPC.
  • AML documentation. We use Landmark to run our background checks on vendors. We can provide you with the report from that search. Should you need further information we can also provide you with the following vendor documentation:
    - A copy of vendor's bill from the last 3 months with their name and address
    - A copy of vendor's passport or driving licence
    - A photo of vendors and chosen photo ID so you can see the likeness
    Please flag any additional requirements as soon as possible.
  • Property questionnaire. We will provide you with a completed property questionnaire so that you have as much information about the property and our client's onward plans as possible.
  • Access. We will give you access information for conducting viewings. This may be by making an appointment directly with the vendor, via a tenant or providing you with keys to facilitate easy access for viewings. We ask you to carry out the viewings.
  • Marketing material. We ask you to produce the marketing material: online listing details and brochure and any magazine advertisements you wish to place.
  • Approval of marketing materials. We will ask you to provide the details to both us and the vendor so that they can be approved before we agree to make the property live online.
  • Viewing feedback. We ask that you let us know of any viewings booked in and that you give us feedback on a weekly basis via our online viewing form which you can find here. We’ll send an email request each Tuesday to complete this with reminders on Wednesday and Thursday. If you don’t, we’ll need to call you on the Friday to go through the feedback manually.
  • Introducing other agents. If we aren’t seeing viewings or interest generated on the property we may look to instruct a second agent.
  • Offers. We ask that any offers on a property are put forward to us so that we are able to help and advise our clients with the negotiation process. We ask you to financially qualify all offers.
  • Memo of sale. When a sale is agreed we ask that the memorandum of sale is provided to us, together with full chain information, This also needs to be provided to both solicitors and solicitors notified that we will be assisting with the sales progression.
  • Getting paid. On exchange of contracts we ask that you invoice us; our details are on the sub-agency agreement we provided you on instruction. We will settle your invoice on successful completion of the sale as soon as we have received the vendor’s fee.

We have now worked with almost all the leading agents across England and Wales and with our growing volume are frequently giving agents we have had success with in the past more and more repeat business. We’re here to work for you as well as vendors, increasingly centralising and digitising pain points. Ultimately we want everyone to get sold faster, for more. Thank you for working with Movewise; we’d welcome your feedback and suggestions at

Respectfully yours,

The Movewise Team.

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