Find the best agent to sell any probate property

Different properties require different selling approaches

To secure a successful sale of a probate property at the best price, choosing the right estate agent is vital. Movewise collects and analyses millions of data points from the housing market every day, across the UK, and puts that information at your fingertips so you and your clients can make an informed decision.

Our best agent tool identifies the top three agents most likely to sell any property. All you have to do is enter the postcode and an approximate valuation.

The tool is:

  • 100% independent: we show you the best agents, not agents who pay us to appear
  • Driven by data: we study the market to identify the agents who sell most properties in a given area and price range, and who will therefore have the highest number of potential buyers on their books.
  • Totally free: the agent information is yours to make use of and share with your clients, with no obligation or commitment to use Movewise. 

While Movewise offers this service with no obligation, our expert property team can offer a range of additional services, including:

  • Booking and co-ordinating HMRC-compliant valuations from local agents or RICS surveyors (“Red Book”)
  • Conducting interviews with agents to narrow down choice
  • Advising on listing price
  • Providing a full marketing proposal and co-ordinating the entire sale: our managed multi-agent sales process delivers proven results.

Try out our best agent tool today – and contact us on 0203 409 4350 or to discuss how Movewise can streamline your probate property sales.

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