A better solution to probate property sales

Probate sales can be a puzzle

Movewise was born out of the belief that there had to be a better way to sell property. The company’s founder, Tom Scarborough, was inspired by his own frustrating experience trying to sell a home, involving multiple estate agents and all the headaches that involves.

With a background in finance, Tom could see that the property market lacked efficiency and was ready for a new approach: one that would give every property the best chance of selling, at the best price, while making a stressful process as easy as possible for the vendor. The Movewise model offers the benefits of multiple-agent sales (a wider pool of potential buyers, and less likelihood of having to reduce the asking price) without the drawbacks (higher fees and increased hassle).

Movewise uses a data-driven approach to identify the best estate agents to sell a particular property, then organises valuations and advises the seller which agent is likely to achieve the best results. The seller signs a simple agreement with Movewise, for a fee that is comparable to a standard single-agent commission. If the first agent doesn’t secure a sale within an agreed time, the property is listed with another agent or agents - and because Movewise handles photography and floor plans, the relisting process is fast and smooth.

Throughout the process, the seller deals with a single expert account manager, vastly reducing the number of emails and phone calls they have to deal with. Our team has a wealth of experience in the property market and can offer expert advice at every stage.

How Movewise can help probate sales

Movewise began by serving retail customers, and to date has listed more than £80m of property across the UK, ranging in value from £30,000 to £10m. However, the benefits Movewise offers to individual sellers become even greater for clients with multiple properties to sell, which is why our approach is ideal for probate solicitors. We can handle the entire property sales process, maximising value for the beneficiaries of the estate while saving you time and effort, and at no additional cost.

We recognise that probate property sales come with unique challenges, and have adapted our successful property model to fit the needs of the probate market. Here is what we can offer:

Arrange and co-ordinate valuations

Our data analysis identifies which agents are best placed to sell a particular property, based on factors such as property type, price, location and buyer profile. We then invite a selection of agents to provide valuations, along with a Red Book valuation from a surveyor if required, and produce a valuation report to support your probate application.

Produce a marketing proposal

Our experts will suggest the best approach to sell the property, based on the estate agents’ valuations and their experience of the market. This proposal can be shared with your clients on a no-obligation basis.

Provide a single point of contact and save you work

At Movewise, we have access to estate agents across the country, dealing with properties at every price level. Each sale is allocated to a single account manager, who will streamline the process at every stage, negotiating with agents, handling paperwork and phone calls, and ensuring smooth progress once a buyer is found. Selling a property involves a lot of admin work - let the experts handle it and free up your team for other tasks. We can also arrange related services such as house clearance.

Keep you informed and in control

We provide a weekly viewing feedback form for each property listed with us, allowing you to keep track of progress. Our experts can advise of the best course of action if sales are not progressing, but the final decision is always down to you and your clients. Following a successful sale, we provide a closing valuation report including evidence of why the original valuation was appropriate and why the final sale proceeds may have differed.

Deliver superior selling performance...

An average estate agent sells only half the properties it lists - and takes half a year to do it. Movewise is far from average - based on our latest data we sell 81% of properties we handle, and close a deal more than two months faster. Movewise sales are also much less likely to require a price reduction, maximising the value of the estate and allowing you to offer the best possible service to your clients.

Source: TwentyCi estate agent data 2018; Movewise internal data May 2020

...at no additional cost

Movewise charges a single transparent fee, regardless of whether a property sale requires one or more estate agents. We have the expertise and the reach to negotiate the best terms with estate agents, and we can pass the benefits on to you. Our typical fees, for properties in the £300,000-£1m price range, are 1.4%+VAT in London and 1.25%+VAT in the rest of the UK. These compare with average UK-wide fees of 1.18%+VAT for sole agents and 2.5%+VAT for multiple-agent sales. You pay hardly any extra for a single-agent sale and potentially save 50% if additional agents are required.

To see how Movewise can help your probate service, talk to us today to arrange a trial service.

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