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Property services for landlords

A brochure of our property services for landlords

Introducing Movewise property solutions for landlords

Movewise has developed a better way of selling property, ensuring that property sellers realise the maximum value on their sale with none of the hassle.

For landlords we serve as your sales team. We remove all the inefficiency and administration involved in selling multiple properties, delivering better fees and a superior property sale.

The key benefits of working with Movewise include:

  • Single point of contact for all your property sales wherever they are in the UK
  • Better property sales results (price maximisation, speed and certainty)
  • Consistent, high quality customer service, whichever agents are being used to sell the property: better feedback, monitoring, management and advise on transaction
  • Technology supported property sales. We identify agents using technology, we collect feedback and monitor digitally, providing you with a single source of truth.

We can deliver these services on either a pay-as-you go basis, or under a service agreement with payment on account, you have one simple solution for everything you need.

Movewise was founded in 2018 to deliver the best possible sales result to every property in the UK. Here are some key facts since our inception:

  • Highest sales rate of pan-UK estate agents
  • Half the frequency of price reductions as sole agents
  • Sold 130+ properties ranging in value from £50,000 to £10M
  • Completely independent, worked with over 500 estate agents

For more information please see our services for landlords. The following pages provide more information on the various services we offer.

Property valuation

We co-ordinate either local agent valuations or RICS Red Book valuations. For RICS valuations we have partnered with Gateway Surveying Services, who have a pan-UK service. For local agent valuations we co-ordinate and summarise the valuations using the report documentation below.

Valuations are conducted for free where the property is to be sold and co-ordination is chargeable if the property is not being sold.

Valuations can be booked here on our website: valuations.

Property sale

Movewise delivers the best possible property sale for each property, by identifying the agents with the most applicants for properties and then subcontracting them on terms that allow us to switch agent in the event the first cannot sell the property.

We use technology to identify the best local estate agents for selling a property. Our experienced team of property experts then interview them and provide you with a marketing proposal for your consideration, an example of which is below.

On agreeing a marketing plan with you, Movewise then produces professional photographs and floorplans using a pan-UK photography firm, NicheCom. We give these to the estate agents we subcontract for sale of the property, as this ensures a high quality of marketing material and allows us to change agent if the need arises.

Movewise manages the property sale from listing all the way through to completion, providing you with independent advice at each stage, monitoring the estate agent’s performance and viewing feedback, and, once under offer, managing the sale progression through to completion.This ensures that the property is listed at the right price, attracting a consistent level of demand; agents are changed if they are not delivering buyers; and properties are sold faster, ensuring maximum value is achieved for the property.

Fees for selling the property are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the value and location of the property and the agents we subcontract to sell it. On average our clients pay a total of 1.5%+VAT, on completion only, and an average of 1.2%+VAT of this is paid by Movewise to the agent delivering the buyer.

For corporate accounts we are able to offer a flat fee of 1.5%+VAT for all sales UK wide if this simplification is preferred. For more information on property sales with Movewise please see our website: property sales with Movewise.

Additional services

Landlords sometimes need more than just property sale services, and these requirements vary by property. Movewise aims to provide a single centralised solution for all your property needs. In general we use a pan-UK best-in-class provider for each of the services so we can deliver a single point of co-ordination and contact. Where our provider does not cover a particular area we will find a local service provider on a case-by-case basis.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

1. Property valuation co-ordination

“Local agent valuation” will be co-ordinated to identify one to three local estate agents to value a property. These valuations will be compiled into a single document with a summary provided averaging the valuations of the estate agents.

“Red Book valuation” will be co-ordinated using Gateway Surveying Services Limited (“Gateway”). Where Gateway is unable to value the property an alternative RICS qualified surveyor will be identified and co-ordinated to conduct the property valuation.

2. Valuation advice

Certain advice will be given about the quality of the valuation conducted by the estate agents or RICS-qualified surveyor.

3. Estate agent identification

Estate agents will be identified for valuation or property marketing services using our proprietary estate agent analysis dataset.

4. Property marketing proposal

We will identify appropriate estate agents for the sale of a property, interview the agents by telephone, negotiate fees they can be subcontracted by us for, and provide advice around the selection of these estate agents in a marketing proposal complete with a fee for sale of the property managed by Movewise.

5. Vacant property insurance

We arrange vacant property insurance with Guardcover, which can be extended to your property on a case-by-case basis.

6. Contractor co-ordination for property-related services

We will identify and co-ordinate local contractors to perform services required at the property. These contractors include but are not limited to:Electricians, plumbers, cleaners, contents auctioneers.

7. Contract works insurance

Movewise can arrange contract works insurance on a case-by-case basis for significant works through Guardcover or a specialist broker, Stanhope Cooper. For smaller works we ensure that all contractors have valid insurance in place and will co-ordinate any claims against those that arise as a result of works co-ordinated by Movewise.

8. Property visits

Movewise does not visit properties in person but does co-ordinate visits to any UK location using Viewber Ltd to perform ad-hoc tasks including but not limited to:Site check, meter readings.

9. Key holding

We use Keynest Services Ltd or local estate agents to hold keys for properties.

10. Property clearance co-ordination

We identify an appropriate local company to conduct contents clearance and disposal.For any additional services not covered above, please speak to one of our advisors.

Service fees

Property sales are paid on successful completion only. Additional services can either be paid for on a case-by-case basis by invoice, bank transfer or credit card or on account under a service agreement.

Account invoicing is done monthly at either the property or Master account level. For more information on this please contact Tom Scarborough, CEO, at or 0203 435 5591.

A summary of our fees by service are shown below:

Contact us

For further information on how Movewise can help, please contact us at or 0203 409 4350.

Specific contacts by service are:

Corporate account manager: Kirsty Burnham

Corporate accounts sales: Tom Scarborough

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