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Property services for landlords

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Introducing Movewise property solutions for landlords

Movewise has developed a better way of selling property, ensuring that property sellers realise the maximum value on their sale with none of the hassle.

For landlords we serve as your sales team. We remove all the inefficiency and administration involved in selling multiple properties, delivering better fees and a superior property sale.

As the property sales partner of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), Movewise offers a complete property sales solution for landlords.

Whether it’s a single property or an entire portfolio, we make selling simple.

Why use Movewise?

  • We sell properties one month faster, and with 50% fewer price reductions, than the average listing with a sole agent.
  • We provide expert advice and a single point of contact for all your property sales, wherever they are in the UK.
  • We co-ordinate the entire sale process from initial valuation right through to completion, and can also arrange additional property services if required.
  • To date (April 2022) we have sold over £200m worth of property, raging in value from £50,000 to £10 million.

Property sales

Movewise was created because the traditional way of selling property is inefficient and stressful. Sellers search for a local agent to sell a property, with no objective way of knowing which is the best, and are then usually locked into an exclusivity period. If the agent doesn’t deliver, the seller is stuck with them – and the only way to secure a fast sale may be to drop their asking price. If you are a landlord selling multiple properties, the headaches multiply because you may have to deal with several estate agents.

Our sales process changes all that. We provide a single point of contact, however many properties you are selling, and offer multiple selling routes:

  1. Direct sales: We maintain a growing list of property investors who may be interested in buying your property or portfolio before it even comes to the open market.
  2. Estate agent sales: We analyse millions of data points each week to identify the best estate agents to sell any property, anywhere in the country. These will be the agents with the highest number of sales of a similar property type, location and price. We then offer a unique managed multi-agent sales process, where the seller is not tied into any exclusivity period. If one agent is not delivering buyers at the right price, you are free to switch to another agent instead of dropping your asking price.
  3. Auction: For more problematic properties, or where a fast sale is required, we can arrange sale by auction. In most cases we advise listing on the open market for a fixed period before choosing this route, to maximise the chance of selling at the best price.

How our multi-agent sales process works

Property valuations

We co-ordinate two types of valuation:

Local agent valuations. We select the best local estate agents (usually three firms) and arrange a valuation from each of them. We then summarise these on a valuation report, and can prepare a marketing proposal if required, outlining our recommended sales approach. (A co-ordination fee applies if the property is not intended to be sold.) 

RICS (Red Book) valuations. Where a more formal valuation is required, we can arrange a valuation from a qualified surveyor. Prices depend on the property and start at £250+VAT.

To book a valuation, visit our property solutions page.


We charge a flat fee for our sales service which covers the estate agent’s commission as well as the services of our property advisors. NRLA members are eligible for our corporate rate, even if they are only selling a single property.


For certain properties which require more work to drive a successful sale we charge a premium add-on of £1,000+VAT. Examples of these could be retirement properties, flats with issues related to flammable cladding, and properties with a short lease.

More information on property sales with Movewise.

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