Watch Movewise's seminar on probate property sales at Legalex

On December 2, Movewise presented a seminar at Legalex, the UK’s leading free-to-attend virtual legal exhibition, highlighting the challenges facing the probate industry and ways to improve efficiency. The presentation, entitled Probate: Maximising estate value and efficiency of property sales, can be viewed below.

Movewise recently carried out a survey of probate solicitors, which revealed that they consider efficiency to be of paramount importance. The respondents highlighted key areas that threaten this efficiency, most notably delays and errors caused by the government bodies that handle the probate process. However it is also clear that property sales are an area of probate could benefit from improvements in efficiency.

  • More than 90% of solicitors surveyed believe their clients value them for their efficiency.
  • Two-thirds cite probate as a significant source of revenue for their firm.

In this seminar, Tom Scarborough, founder and CEO of Movewise, and Kirsty Burnham, head of property, explore how probate solicitors can maximise the value realised for an estate and improve the speed of property sales, benefiting both solicitors and their clients. Topics covered include:

  • Tips for increasing the efficiency of probate property sales
  • Advantages of outsourcing the property sales process
  • How outsourcing property sales to Movewise has benefited corporate clients
  • Recommendations from our survey for the wider probate process

For a summary of the key highlights of the seminar please download our briefing note.

To find out more about how our unique property sales model can help your probate team, book a meeting or download our presentation below.

Property solutions for probate teams presentation

Property solutions for probate teams

This presentation discusses how Movewise enables you to deliver a better property sale for your client.

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