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Probate outsourcing e-book

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A better way to sell probate property when you are the executor

Movewise has pioneered a new, better way to sell property, which is ideally suited to probate sales.

We analyse market data across the UK to identify the agents that are most likely to sell any given property. We then get valuations from the top agents (usually three firms), and recommend which firm the property should be listed with first. In the event that the first listing does not result in a sale, the property can be marketed with another agent or agents, at no additional cost.

Our unique way of selling means we beat both online and traditional high-street estate agents on every key performance indicator:

How Movewise compares with prime agents

How Movewise compares with traditional agents

Data for UK agents is 180 days to January 21, 2021, with an average sales price of £700,000

For a typical UK property:

  • Our sales rate is 47% higher than the UK average
  • Listings with us are half as likely to require a price reduction
  • We complete sales one month faster than other agents

Additionally, we handle the sales progression and deal with estate agents, greatly reducing the administrative burden and keeping the vendor informed throughout the process. For probate properties where you are acting as an executor, outsourcing the sales process to Movewise has a number of advantages, both for you and for the beneficiaries of the estate. In cases where you are not the executor but are providing them with advice, there are also benefits in referring them to us.

For more details of the sales services we offer, see our Vendor guide.

Why you should outsource probate sales to Movewise

Benefits for you:

Local expertise, nationwide: Probate properties may not be located nearby, which can make finding the right local agents harder. Our data-driven approach ensures that we can identify the best agents to sell a specific property, anywhere in the country. Probate properties may require a different sales approach (for example retirement properties, or older unmodernised properties which will appeal to developers rather than private buyers), and our experienced team can offer advice in these cases.

Streamlined sales process: Handling probate sales takes up a lot of time - time which a solicitor could spend on more productive legal work, rather than chasing estate agents. Movewise provides a single point of contact for multiple probate sales through multiple estate agents. Our experienced sales team will help to assess and advise on offers that are received, and ensure that the sale progresses as rapidly and smoothly as possible. In a typical sale, our team handles 67 outgoing telephone calls and 259 emails, saving more than 32 hours of work. However, the executor remains in full control of decisions regarding the sale.

Simple and accurate valuation process: We obtain valuations from the three top local agents and summarise these on our Valuation Report, along with recommendations for which firm is likely to get the best results. This is a free service, with no obligation, which provides you with the information you need when applying for probate or to share with other interested parties. If required we can also arrange a professional (Red Book) surveyor’s valuation.

Multi-agent service for a single-agent fee: If the first agent does not secure a sale quickly, the property can quickly be relisted with another agent, or multiple agents. There is no additional charge for this: you still pay the same fixed fee to Movewise on completion, which is comparable to a standard high-street agent’s commission.

Vacant property services: Sales of vacant properties present additional challenges, which Movewise can help with. Key holding services and ad-hoc property visits (for meter readings, etc) are included in the fee, and for an additional charge we can also arrange other services such as house clearance and vacant property insurance. 

Regular progress reports: We provide weekly reports for each property we list, giving details of viewings and any feedback received via the agents. Our experienced property team will advise you if action needs to be taken, for example switching to another agent or appointing multiple agents, or, in rare cases, adjusting the price. 

The best chance of selling, at the best price: As an executor, you have a fiduciary duty to maximise the value of the estate. Our proven sales strategy does just this. More than eight out of 10 properties listed with Movewise sell, and those sales are twice as likely to achieve their full asking price.

Added value to your service: Using Movewise shows your clients that you are taking advantage of technology to get the best value for their estate. Our valuation and progress reports makes it simple for you to keep your clients updated at every step of the process.

Referral fee: Subject to agreement, we can pay you a referral fee when you recommend an executor to use our services.

Benefits for your client:

Maximum value and transparency: Our initial Valuation Report gives a clear picture of the expected value that is likely to be achieved, in a format that can easily be shared with clients. And our unrivalled sales performance means that the property stands the best chance of achieving the target price.

Faster completion: Property sales are a common source of delay in probate. Properties listed with Movewise are likely to sell one month faster, on average, than those listed with traditional estate agents, resulting in quicker settlement of the estate.

Better communication: Our regular sales progress updates benefit the client as well as the solicitor. Poor communication is one of the top causes for complaint about law firms, so clients will appreciate being kept informed at every stage.

No hidden costs: We agree fees with the agents we subcontract sales to, and don’t charge an extra fee when moving to another agent. The fee is only payable when a successful sale is achieved.

We understand that before you consider outsourcing an important part of your probate business, you need to be confident that your professional reputation is not put at risk. We believe that our results speak for themselves; however we are also happy to share customer testimonials, of which a selection are shown here:

“Kirsty did everything for me from selecting the most proactive local estate agents to monitoring the whole sales process. I can’t thank Movewise enough for a speedy sale and obtaining a good price for my property.” Ann P

“I have not had to deal with anything. Movewise are doing all the hard work” Linda B

“After signing up with an estate agent for 6 months and having had not a single viewing, I turned to Movewise who arranged for the relaunch of our property within a week. Two weeks later we had an offer agreed.” Donald B

We will be delighted to discuss a bespoke outsourcing solution tailored to your specific requirements, and to support you in due diligence checks.

What next?

We can arrange a meeting to introduce our service and how we can tailor it to your requirements.

If you choose to work with us on a regular basis, we will assign a single account manager to handle all your probate sales. For each property, we will automatically provide marketing proposals for each property, free of charge and with no obligation. This will allow you to show your clients how Movewise can help you to sell the property more effectively. See the Appendix for examples of our property documentation.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Tom Scarborough on 0203 409 4350 or

Appendix: Example documentation

Valuation report

Marketing proposal

Weekly viewing feedback form

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