Three reasons to use Movewise for your probate property needs

Movewise saves solicitors time and money

Movewise has developed a complete start-to-finish solution designed to streamline probate property transactions, which offers many advantages for solicitors, executors and beneficiaries of the estate. Here are three reasons why using Movewise makes sense:

1. All services in one place

Probate property comes with unique requirements and challenges. We can co-ordinate and manage a full range of services for any property, anywhere in the UK, including:

  • RICS valuation
  • inventory
  • house clearance and chattels auction
  • key holding
  • property visits
  • vacant property insurance. 

Having a single point of contact for all of this means you save time on administration and can easily keep track of costs. Corporate clients and solicitors can arrange payment on account, and we offer a price match guarantee. These ancillary services are available with no obligation to sell the property through Movewise.

2. Maximum value

Our unique way of selling property is proven to deliver faster sales at a higher price than using a traditional estate agent. Here’s how our managed multi-agent approach works:

  • We analyse market data to pinpoint the local estate agents best placed to sell each individual property.
  • Our property experts interview the top-rated agents and produce a marketing proposal for the client.
  • We negotiate rates with the agents on the client’s behalf; our leverage as a company means that even after adding our fee, commission rates are similar to standard sole-agent fees.
  • Our property advisors monitor progress, and if one agent is not delivering results we will recommend switching to an alternative agent rather than reducing the asking price. Switching agents comes at no additional cost, and clients only pay commission on completion.

The result is that Movewise sells property faster than other estate agents (around one month faster, on average), and our clients are less likely to require a price reduction in order to sell. We have already saved clients more than £2 million in price cuts.

3. Managed property sales

Movewise streamlines the probate property process from beginning to end. If you choose to sell with us, you get the services of a property advisor who will manage and advise on each sale. We collect viewing figures and feedback from each estate agent and provide regular updates  for each property. For larger clients selling multiple properties with various agents, this provides a considerable reduction in administration. 

When selling with Movewise, clients sign a single contract with straightforward terms and conditions. Because we arrange professional property photography and floorplans, switching between agents is seamless and cost-free.

Because our team has a wealth of experience, we deliver great results even on problem properties which can prove hard to sell, such as retirement homes. If you are not getting rapid results from traditional estate agents, it pays to list with Movewise instead.

To find out more about our probate property services, visit our Probate Solutions homepage or contact us today.

We will also be presenting our probate solutions at Legalex 2021, the the UK’s leading free-to-attend legal exhibition. Find out more or book a meeting at the exhibition here.

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