Webinar | How to sell a retirement property

Retirement properties

According to a report published last year by the estate agency Knight Frank, about 9,000 retirement homes are built each year, and this rate is likely to increase, meaning that the overall supply of retirement homes is expected to grow by about 71,000, or almost 10%, over the next five years.

However, even that increase is not enough to keep pace with the ageing population. Therefore, it might be expected that with demand exceeding supply, retirement property would be a good investment, but in reality, that is often not the case.

Did you know that the average new-build retirement home falls 2.6% in value for each year of ownership?

At Movewise, we have the expertise to help you sell your retirement property, and we will explain all critical factors in our upcoming webinar ‘How to sell a retirement property’ on 14th September at 0830 BST.

Key Topics:

  • Why the fall in value?
  • How to find a buyer
  • How Movewise makes selling simple

Investing your time in our webinar is sure to give you a very high ROI.

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