Using Movewise costs the same as going direct
You pay one fee to Movewise. The average fee is 1.5%+VAT which includes the fee that we negotiate with the agent (average 1.2%+VAT) and our fee (average 0.3%+VAT).

A better service, at the same cost as using a single agent.

We negotiate directly with the agents, bringing them easy, repeat business, helping us to drive down costs.

You get access to a managed multi-agent process, on superior terms.

* Average fees £200k-1m across England and Wales. Actual fees vary by location, agent and property value.


Your fees questions answered

To ask a question please email us at:

How much will it cost to sell my house (in total)? When is our fee payable?


On average our clients pay a total of 1.5%+VAT but this varies by sub-agent, property price and location so call us for a quote specific to your property. Fees are payable on completion of a successful sale only.

Do Movewise pay the agent who sells the property or do we pay them?


Your solicitor pays Movewise the full fee on your contract with us on completion and we pay the agent that sells the property. You only pay Movewise and have no other fees due at anytime in any circumstance.

Who arranges and pays for the photos and floorplans?


Movewise. We give them to our sub-agents. This gives us the flexibility to use another agent as soon as we need without the new agent needing access to take photos.