Relevant news on the UK property market and what it means for sellers

As average house prices rise by more than the minimum wage every year, how long can the market stay buoyant?

18 May 2022

We are now the official sales partner of the National Residential Landlords Association, bringing our services to 95,000 landlords

4 May 2022

Movewise brings hassle-free property sales to 95,000 landlords across the UK

25 Apr 2022

After the stock of property for sale fell 60% from its pandemic peak, the gap between supply and demand is starting to shrink

20 Apr 2022

Will higher National Insurance and dividend tax rates finally put a dampener on the housing market?

6 Apr 2022

The cooldown certainly isn't here yet, as asking prices break £350,000 for the first time

22 Mar 2022

House prices continue to defy gravity, but how long before the rising cost of living bites?

9 Mar 2022

In this webinar our experts explore the pros and cons of property auctions

8 Mar 2022

Michael Gove is going after developers to make them cover the cost of replacing dangerous cladding. Here's the latest

23 Feb 2022

To begin our Movewise webinar series for 2022, our experts took a fresh look at the crisis of combustible cladding on tower blocks

18 Feb 2022

Is giving up Netflix really the answer to getting onto the housing ladder? Not if the latest stats are anything to go by

8 Feb 2022

This month has seen record numbers of buyers looking for homes, but many are likely to be disappointed, as stock levels remain low

25 Jan 2022

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