Relevant news on the UK property market and what it means for sellers

Flats are twice as hard to sell

Flat sales fell -48% yoy in volume in September despite the overall market being up some +8% yoy. This is due to the cladding crisis.

17 Jan 2021

Ending stamp duty could force tsunami of deals to collapse in chaos, housing experts warn

As many as 325,000 homebuyers are in a race against time to complete their purchases and claim discounts of up to £15,000 before the scheme officially finishes on March 31.

15 Jan 2021

Will house prices drop in 2021? Experts views on how housing market will change this year

HOUSE prices soared in the second half 2020 - but what’s in store for them this year and are they likely to fall again?

14 Jan 2021

New year, new lockdown

Listings bounce back to mid-December levels in the New Year despite the lockdown. Viewings limited but occuring.

10 Jan 2021

House prices surge 7.3% in 2020 despite the pandemic, recession and Brexit

House prices rose faster in 2020 than they have for 6 years, as the pandemic forced people to reevaluate what mattered to them in a home, while mortgage support held back forced sales.

30 Dec 2020

Zooming home for Christmas

Property sales activity will continue to decline particularly with the introduction of Tier 4 restrictions to movement.

20 Dec 2020

Newport has highest house price increase in Wales - research

NEWPORT has the biggest house price growth in Wales this year, with an average price of nearly £200,000, according to new research.

19 Dec 2020

Liverpool crowned UK's property hotspot as house prices rise 15%

Average house prices in Liverpool have risen by 15.1% since last year, making it the UK’s top property hotspot in 2020.

18 Dec 2020


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