Join Movewise at Legalex, the UK’s leading virtual legal exhibition

25 Nov 2020

On Wednesday, December 2, Movewise will be presenting a seminar at Legalex, the UK’s leading free-to-attend virtual legal exhibition. The presentation, entitled Probate: Maximising estate value and efficiency of property sales, will be given by Tom Scarborough, founder and CEO of Movewise, and Kirsty Burnham, head of property.

More than 90% of solicitors believe their clients value them for their efficiency, and two-thirds cite probate as a significant part of their revenue. While the most significant challenges in probate come from inefficiencies caused by government bodies, one significant and addressable challenge is the property sale. At Legalex, Tom and Kirsty will discuss ways probate solicitors can maximise the estate value and improve the speed of property sales, significantly improving efficiency for both solicitors and their clients.

The seminar will present the findings of a recent survey of probate solicitors undertaken by Movewise, and explore ways in which challenges identified by this research can be solved. 

Topics which will be covered include:

  • Priorities for probate solicitors, and challenges in achieving them
  • Ways in which solicitors can overcome these challenges
  • Tips for increasing the efficiency of probate property sales
  • Advantages of outsourcing the property sales process
  • Case studies where outsourcing property sales to Movewise has benefited corporate clients
  • Recommendations from our survey for the wider probate process

The seminar is scheduled for 1.25pm - 1.55pm on December 2, and following their presentation Tom and Kirsty will be answering questions from Legalex attendees. 

Register here to attend Legalex online, free of charge.

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