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9 Mar 2021

LegalEx Spotlight, 31 March

On Wednesday, March 31, Movewise will be presenting an online session at LegalEx Spotlight, a virtual event run by the organisers of the UK’s leading free-to-attend legal exhibition. Tom Scarborough, founder and CEO, will outline how Movewise can help probate solicitors achieve reliable probate valuations, reducing their administrative burden while maximising realised value and client satisfaction.

In the 2019/20 tax year alone, HMRC conducted more than 5,000 investigations into estates for inheritance tax purposes in 2019/20; in other words roughly one in four taxable estates was investigated. These resulted in an additional £274 million in inheritance tax being collected, and no doubt caused significant delay and distress to the beneficiaries. These figures highlight the importance of accurate and transparent probate property valuations

In this online session, Tom will cover:

  • The obligations a personal representative has in valuing a property as part of an estate
  • The potential pitfalls if a valuation is not carried out correctly.
  • Movewise's outsourced valuation process, which has been specifically tailored to probate
  • How Movewise can help probate property sales from start to finish

Movewise uses a data-driven approach to choose the best agents to value and sell each individual property, which helps to ensure that valuations are accurate and can be readily justified to HMRC. It is just part of the end-to-end probate property sales solution offered by Movewise, resulting in quicker sales, for a better price, and with significantly less administrative work for solicitors.

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