Meeting up again!

1 Aug 2021

Movewise at Nottingham Races last week: Steffen, Rob, Mark, Jack, Tom, Kirsty, Joe, Katy and Kitty.

This week in five seconds

  • Viewings and registrations down
  • Less buyers means more sensitive pricing
  • Stamp duty taper deadline looming
  • Movewise services for probate solicitors
  • Team away day

Viewings and registrations down

We have heard from many agents this week that viewing figures and buyer registrations have dropped off significantly. Whilst buyers are still registering, agents are starting to see a shift away from a strong sellers’ market. The market for the lower price range of property remains strong with buyers (both end user and investors) looking to take advantage of the final stamp duty saving.

Less buyers means more sensitive pricing

With the shift in the volume of buyers, we have noticed that the highly desirable properties are still generating good activity and offers whereas those that are compromised in any way are having to ensure that the asking price reflects that. With less buyers in the market it is really important as a seller that you have a good proactive agent working to sell your property. You should also ensure that you aren’t tied into long sole agency contracts in the event that you may need to broaden the pool of buyers that are approached about your property by employing a second or alternative agent.

Stamp duty taper deadline looming

If you are looking to purchase a property and you would like to take advantage of the final stamp duty saving you need to be trying to secure a property as soon as possible. Be clear with the agent and your solicitor that you are looking to complete before the end of September. Your purchase is far more likely to go through smoothly if timeframes are agreed between all parties at the outset.


Movewise services for probate solicitors

We released two products last week to help assistants, para-legals and the solciitors who are having to do any valuation or agent selection:

Team away day

Movewise is a remote business and our team members are spread across the country from Newcastle to Kent. We added three new team members during covid and due to travel restrictions had not met some of them yet. With the restrictions lifting we took the advantage for a well earned and very enjoyable team away day at Nottingham Races (the bookies did better than we did!).

Have a great week.

The Movewise Team.

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