Probate executor solutions

Everything probate executors need to value, manage and sell probate property.



  • HMRC compliant probate valuations co-ordinated
  • Local agent
  • RICS red book
  • Independent valuation advice

Property sale

1.5%+VAT (avg.)

  • Pan-UK service
  • Best local estate agents used
  • Better fees and terms
  • One contract, any agent
  • Independent advice during sale

Additional services

Pay as-you-go

  • Vacant property insurance
  • Contractor co-ordination
  • Property visits
  • Key holding
  • Property clearance and auction

Why use Movewise

IconCompliant valuations

We advise you on whether you need a local agent or RICS valuation, coordinate and ensure they are delivered in a compliant manner.

IconBetter results

Our multi-agent solution ensures maximum value is realised in a faster time.

IconExperienced professionals

We co-ordinate and manage probate sales all across the UK ensuring you get peace of mind and a professional service.

IconSingle solution

We have corporate deals with suppliers ensuring you get everything in one place, with none of the admin, for better fees.