Property sales

We identify the best local estate agents for your property, contract and manage your sale through them delivering you the best possible sale result.

The better way to sell property

Movewise can get better terms and lower fees from your local agents as we bring them repeat business and contract them under our terms and conditions.

Want to know more?

To find out more, complete the form and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs, who the best agents are that we would use to sell your property and what the total fee will be.

Key benefits of selling with Movewise

Better terms

You sign terms and conditions with us that are far more favourable. No exclusivity lock-ups, no catches, in fact we let you cancel anytime you like. We then sub-contract the agents under our terms of business ensuring you never get stuck.

Motivated multi-agent

We contract estate agents under multi-agent terms to ensure we can bring in more agents if the first can't sell your property. To ensure the agents are motivated we typically manage them sequentially giving them four weeks alone as that's how long it takes for them to show their buyers your property.

Best local agents

We collect over 1,000,000 data points a day on estate agent activity in the market. We use this to identify which local agents have made the most listings and sales similar to yours. These are likely to be the agents with the most applicants for your property. Our specialists will interview them to ensure we know what they can deliver.

On your side

We only work for you the seller. This means we are truly on your side. We can independently advise you on your best option at all stages of your sale.

Our step-by-step process

1. Find, interview and negotiate the best deal with local agents 2. Take great photos and floorpans for use with any agent 3. Oversee, monitor and chase the agents for you 4. Relist with additional agents if needed - reducing the need for a price reduction 5. Assess and advise on offers received 6. Manage sales progression when a buyer is found

Our fees

Our guarantee

ShieldOur process

Our terms and conditions have 48hr cancellation at anytime. If you are not happy with us, you can cancel anytime at no cost to you.

What our customers say

5 stars

This service has been amazing and has meant we had virtually no stress in our house sale. I also feel we got a better price as well. Movewise we're always on the case with updates, advice and progress of issues. Would thoroughly recommend Movewise every time...Great service.... Thank you so much!

Nikki Ducker

5 stars

I can't recommend this service highly enough. It's not cost me any extra as their fee has been no more than estate agents wanted to charge me direct. It's given us access to impartial & professional advice and we've really appreciated this support. Kirsty helped us choose estate agents, set the asking price and evaluate agent performance. Because Movewise arrange photography it's easy for them to transfer to multi agency (or change agency) and they do all this for you.

Mark O'Hagan

5 stars

Fantastic experience all round. Kirsty did everything for me from selecting the most proactive local estate agents to monitoring the whole sales process. I can’t thank Movewise enough for a speedy sale and obtaining a good price for my property.

Ann Pearson

Your process questions answered

How quickly can I list my property?


We can have you live in 2-4 days: 1-2 days to get photos and floor plans done, and 1-2 days for the sub-agent to list the property.

How does Movewise decide which agent to instruct first?


We identify the top agents using our technology which looks for the most active agents in your price range and area. They are likely to have the most applicants for your property. We then interview them over the phone to establish what they can offer. Finally we discuss with the client our recommendations and only use agents we have discussed and agreed with you.

Will I deal with the same person or go through to a call centre?


You have a dedicated Movewise property adviser throughout your sale journey.

How much will it cost to sell my house (in total)? When is our fee payable?


On average our clients pay a total of 1.5%+VAT but this varies by sub-agent, property price and location so call us for a quote specific to your property. Fees are payable on completion of a successful sale only.

Do Movewise pay the agent who sells the property or do we pay them?


Your solicitor pays Movewise the full fee on your contract with us on completion and we pay the agent that sells the property. You only pay Movewise and have no other fees due at anytime in any circumstance.

Who arranges and pays for the photos and floorplans?


Movewise. We give them to our sub-agents. This gives us the flexibility to use another agent as soon as we need without the new agent needing access to take photos.